What is deep web, dark web and surface web?

Internet has become a very important part of our life. We use the Internet every day. It is not possible for many people to live without internet. Today I am going to talk about this other aspect of internet.

1) Surface Web:

Whenever we surf,Guest Posting download, upload or do anything on the Internet, they are all part of the Surface Web. Many people believe that pornography is also part of the dark web, but they are half true, pornography is a film industry and we cannot call it part of the deep web but there are many things that connect this industry with the dark web Huh .

Cyber experts believe that the Surface Web is only .03% of the Internet and the rest of the 6.98% is filled with Dark Web and Deep Web.

2) Deep Web: Deep web is an encrypted network, all the websites of deep web are hidden with the help of a special or secret letter, which we can also call as password. These websites do not appear on any search engines.

Due to all the information of Deep Web being encrypted, no search engine (like Google) can read this data and for this reason no website of Deep Web is found on Google or any other search engine. If you want to surf  in hidden wiki dark web, then you must have a special browser, and that is tor browser.

With the help of this TOR browser, if you go to any site in deep web, then no one can catch you, not even your goverment or internet service provider.

What happens on deep web? Many consider Deep Web to be part of the Dark Web, but Deep Web and Dark Web are different from each other. Most of the Deep Web is run by governments of different countries and military (Ministry of Security), the rest of the Deep Web is used by hackers.

What is the difference between deep web and surface web? In simple language, the Surface Web is that part of the Internet that is open to all, any part of the Surface Web can be used by any common man according to his will.

At the same, deep web is also part of the internet but most information of deep web is secret and to get this information you have to have permission.

Most of the deep web is run by government and security hair, so deep web can be called legal to a large extent.

3) Dark Web (Dark web): This is called the Dark Web because this part of the Internet remains a den of criminals and whoever goes there once is considered impossible to come back (about the guilty). Whatever work is done on the dark web is mostly illegal.

If you want to surf in the dark web, then TOR browser is the only means that all the users of the dark web use. With the help of TOR browser VPN keeps the information of its users hidden. To access the dark web, TOR browser must also have the permission / permission to access that web site, apart from that there can be no way how to access that website.

After all, in this poisonous sea of internet (Dark Web)? By now you must have known that the dark web is not a common thing. The dark web is the only means of communicating all criminals and terrorist organizations and to save and share all the data.

In this part of the internet, all the illegal acts are done, such as getting someone killed, torturing someone and selling videos by making videos of them, hacking and sharing secret information of all goverments, selling drugs illegally, even here There are also several websites full of pornographic pornography.

All the sites on which these black sites are black are encrypted, that is, no one can see it without its password and that is why no search engine is able to find these sites.