How to grade your Jet Charter Company

Air Charter travel is the ultimate in luxury flying. Chartering your own Private Jet ensures you maximum comfort and convenience along with the highest standard of service possible. In addition,Guest Posting you can design a flight itinerary that suits your own personal needs. You choose your flight times, the type of jet you wish to travel in and your departure and arrival airports. You get to choose a catering menu that satisfies your individual tastes and if you want butler service for that added bit of comfort and style, you can choose that too. Avoid crowded airports by taking advantage of an expert crew who can take care of your luggage and security procedures swiftly and conveniently. Private jets as the name suggests offer the ultimate in privacy and relaxation allowing you to enjoy your journey. On arrival, professional, ground staff crew is waiting to whisk you off to your desired destination ensuring you arrive promptly and in style. Charter flights on Private Jets certainly beat commercial flying hands down! Having decided you wish to fly using a private jet charter, you will need to choose the best company to suit your personal needs and requirements. You may wish to deal with the charter company direct or with a broker. Either way, below are some things to consider when assessing whether a company has the level of expertise and service you require from this type of air travel.

Company Experience and Reputation.

Check out how long the charter company has been in business. This Yacht Charter Greece will tell you something about their reputation.

Establish whether the charter company has demonstrated long-term commitments to safety, customer service and quality assurance. Also do they have the resources to invest in the equipment?

Safety and Security of the Aircraft

Ensure that the proposed aircraft is sufficiently insured.

Find out about key elements of a company’s safety and security procedures, including what is the level of pilot training and experience and the quality of aircraft audits.

Check out their safety record and verify that your aircraft is equipped with safety components and medical facilities pursuant to Federal Aviation Regulation Part 135. (Enquire at your local FAA office)

Details of Company Fleet of Aircraft

Confirm that your carrier provides access to Wyvern/Argus certified aircraft.

Establish how aircraft are selected and approved for their inclusion in the fleet.

Strictly fly with carriers that can furnish photographs of the quoted aircraft; get a view of the condition and overall look of the aircraft.